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Baddies East Cast Sapphire Blaze, Suzanne Brown, And Others

Sapphire Blaze

Sapphire Blaze is a cast member of the fourth and fifth seasons of Baddies, titled Baddies East and Baddies Caribbean, respectively. He hails from Miami, Florida.

He originally appeared as a guest star on Love and Hip Hop: Miami as one of Tsukihana’s friends.

Sookie will be introduced as Baddies East’s replacement. They will initially quarrel with Smiley when it comes to fighting Mariahlyn and stealing her chain. He will fight Smiley again one-on-one before they finally settle their differences. Later in Jamaica, he has a brief discussion with Sookie over the state of their friendship. He will then fight Mariahlyn for her. He then fought Scarface at the reunion.

Victoria Rose Waldrip

Victoria Rose Waldrip (also known as Oh Vicki) is a cast member of the fourth season of Baddies titled Baddies East. He originates from Atlanta, Georgia.

While on Baddies East, he would be known for spreading his religious beliefs to the cast. He would also get into a feud with fellow cast member Chrissie Rock after being caught liking Blueface’s posts on the internet. At the same time, he gets into a fight with Janet, one of Chrisian’s friends. After a while, he would leave the show.

Suzanne Brown

Suzanne Brown (also known as Stuna Girl) is a cast member in the third and fourth seasons of Baddies titled Baddies West and Baddies East respectively. He hails from Sacramento, California.

He originally appeared as a contestant on Baddies West auditions, where he got into a fight with judges Tommy Lee and Tsukihana, who later became cast members on Baddies West and Baddies East respectively.

In Baddies West, he will be in the crosshairs of the entire cast after he unexpectedly attacks Tommy Lee during a photo shoot for the first episode of their Baddies West audition fight. This would lead to a series of feuds with his fellow castmates Biggie and Rolly Polly, with the former starting a season-long rivalry with him.

He briefly appeared on Baddies East before quietly leaving the show due to behind-the-scenes issues with the Zeus Network and its CEO Lemuel Plummer.

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Cleo Rahman

Cleo Rahman (also known as DJ Sky High Baby) is a cast member of the third and fourth seasons of Baddies, Baddies West and Baddies East respectively. He originated from Baltimore, Maryland.

During Baddies West, he acted as the group’s official DJ. At the same time, she was picked by Natalie Nunn to act as Chrision Rock’s “babysitter”. He later teams up with Stanna Girl to fight Roly Polly during their reunion due to their own internet beef.

On Baddies East, he would once again act as the group’s DJ while on tour. At the same time, he used to fight with Ahana Mack, when he said bad things about Chrisian online.

Marchinee Lewis

Marchini Lewis (also known as Marsh) is a supporting cast member in the fourth season of Baddies titled Baddies East.

In Baddies East, he appears as one of Chrisian Rock’s friends. He would also be responsible for attacking Tesehki, Chrisian’s sister, on his behalf. He will then fight him one on one again.

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