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Top 5 High Graphics Action Horror Games

Friends today we will know about the 5 best horror games. You are welcome to express your interest in playing horror games. You are about to enter the mysterious world of haunted darkness and unknown. The game’s mysterious, haunting music will leave you reeling in fear.

Graphics Action Horror Games

Not just ending with fear, colorful and sweet joy will be your starting path. Then slowly discover the unknown, unknown, mysterious world with various haunting mysteries. You will get to know about the ghosts and mysterious creatures in the games. At each level of the game you will get lost in your ghostly knowledge and darkness at every step.

While playing these Horror Games, the world of ghost games will accompany you with amazing scenic locations, fun puzzles and tough challenges to complete the ghostly levels. These strange ghost games will give you a taste of otherworldly haunted life outside of ordinary life. I dare say you will be deeply engrossed in these strange ghost games. Each stage of these ghost games has wonderful missions, to complete these missions you have to go in search of unknown mysterious places.

As you head towards the mysterious city to complete these missions. As a challenge to complete these missions, you will be faced with strange creatures, various dangerous challenges, and a huge amount of invisible resources that you can use to buy advanced weapons in the game. You have to put up with various powerful machines to help or fight in the middle of the game and solve incredible mysteries.

Friends, if you are ready to face these ghostly challenges of the game. If ghost and mystery games are on your wish list then you can install and play any of these top 5 ghost games today. You will definitely like the game. So guys, without further ado, let’s start our today’s tune, Top 5 Haunted Games.

1. Hatred Action Horror Games

Hatred Action Games

Hatred is a video game released in 2015. It was developed by Destructive Creations developers. Hatred is known to be a controversial game.

Hatred game Here you play the role of a special person hidden in a place as the main character. Because of all the insults that happened to him earlier, he came to earth to destroy people. But here with the gameplay you will be the police, and fight against the common people and want to destroy everything.

The key features of this game are:

  • Much more daring and awesome gameplay.
  • Different missions and levels that you have to complete.
  • Graphically designed realistically that will give you a sense of reality.

While playing the game, one can get excited and harassed at times because of the great challenges in this game. If you want to face all such challenges, then you can install Hatred game on your device today and play it.

2. Dead Space Action Horror Games

Dead Space Action Games

The Dead Space game was first published in 2008. Dead Space is a professional horror video game developed by Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores) and published by Electronic Arts (EA).

The story of the game The entire story of the game is mainly based on the engineer Isaac Clarke. He is sent to command a gigantic or spaceship. But a strange creature or alien kills all the members of that spaceship. Isaac has to destroy those strange creatures or aliens using the weapons of that spaceship.

There are many twists in the game. Some important and interesting things about Dead Space game are:

  • scary environment,
  • science,
  • thrilling story,
  • puzzles,
  • Use strange weapons etc. to destroy the aliens.

The game has been highly appreciated by its audience or gamers with all these thrilling roles. Another scary thing about the gameplay here is that the atmosphere in the spaceship is created by the air, the plants creeping in the dark, and the scary creatures in the gameplay. You have to solve those difficult challenging problems while playing like Isaac Clarke.

In the spaceship you will explore as Isaac Clarke. You will have a powerful weapon. The name of this weapon is “Plasma Cutter”. It is a special type of laser cutter that helps you to protect yourself from the attacks of the fierce animals. Install Dead Space game on your device today to face all these wonderful challenges of Dead Space game.

3. Rogue Warrior Action Games

Rogue Warrior Action Games

Rogue Warrior game was published in 2007. It is published by Bethesda Softworks and Rogue Warrior game was developed by Rebellion Developments.

Rogue Warrior is a first-person shooter game. As the main character of the game, you will be a Navy SEAL member named Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko. The map or history of the game was created after the Vietnam War. You will fight against your supporters using the Monkey King’s preferred style, energy.

Some Important Features in Rogue Warrior Game:

  • In-Game Music: The game’s soundtrack is particularly popular with Mickey Rourke providing voice acting for the battle characters.
  • Solo & Navy Seal Operations: In the game you can experience Solo & Navy Seal operations where you have to perform various secret tasks and control your enemies.
  • First-Person Shooting: The game is designed as a first-person shooting game in which you have to perform various missions through hiding. In which you will be a Navy SEAL officer named Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko.

Install and play Rogue Warrior ghost game on your device today to face all these wonderful challenges of Rogue Warrior game.

4. Shadow The Hedgehog Action Games

Shadow The Hedgehog Action Games

Shadow the Hedgehog game was published in 2005. It was developed and published by Sega Studios USA. Shadow the Hedgehog is an action-adventure game. As the main character of the game you will be Shadow the Hedgehog, originally a ninja game character, the Hedgehog was added to the game as an angry and unknown character from the game series. The specialty of the game is that you can choose your own actions and create a new history of unknown, unknown, mysterious in the game. The actions you choose will determine the character and challenge of the game.

Some important features in Shadow the Hedgehog game:

  • Action Selection: You can choose different paths as you wish and choose your battle path as you wish, as you wish.
  • Print Navigation: The game has a default or build in navigation system that will guide you in the right direction in the game. As a result you can reach your goal much faster.
  • Different Ways to Travel: You can choose your own route to complete the game’s challenges, a special vehicle is the supercharged helicopter that can be used to travel faster.

The specialty of the game is that you can choose your own actions in the game and you can create a new history with your actions in the game. The actions you choose will determine the character and challenge of the game. Install and play Shadow the Hedgehog game on your device today to face all these wonderful challenges of Shadow the Hedgehog game.

5. Isolation Action Games

Isolation Action Games

“Isolation” game was published in 2019. It is a survival horror video game played from a first-person perspective. The game relies on a ghostly tension as the opening that leaves their audience or players in a completely uninterested or uninterested position to play the game.

The main character in the game is an Elizabeth Warren, in the game you will be in a spaceship completely isolated from the human environment. In such a situation you will bring a lot of courage in yourself. Then you find your way out of the spaceship yourself. Along the way you will meet very powerful and powerful strange creatures or aliens. Also inside the spaceship will be the challenge of epidemic patients and other terrible dangers.

In the gameplay, the first target of the audience or players is to build a good relationship with the person next to Elizabeth. Then by collecting some puzzles from him you will be able to enter different parts located inside the spaceship and destroy the mysterious aliens. To destroy the aliens in the game, you will get a variety of powerful weapons that you can collect from Elizabeth Warrenette, the closest person. These game challenges will remind you of the dire reality consequences. To face all these wonderful challenges of Isolation game, you can install and play Isolation Horror Games on your device today.


Guys, you can play these top 5 horror games that I have shown in today’s tune. If you are a ghost game lover then these games are best for you. Powerful weapons, win-lose twists, spooky stories and spooky music all combine to give you a different feel in these haunted games on today’s list. In today’s list, you can install any of the 5 ghost games on your device and play them.

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