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The best 5 anti-theft apps! Later, I did not know!

Welcome everyone to another new blog post about top 5 anti theft apps or software. Mobile Phones, currently around 99.99% of people in the world are using mobile phones. These mobile phones are loaded with personal documents. Due to which mobile phone has become an important part of life. What if your important mobile device is lost? Of course there will be a lot of worry and frustration. You will be surprised to know that there are cases of mobile phone theft in almost all countries.

Mobile theft is a common occurrence in a country like Bangladesh. It is sad but true. Although we never want our mobile to get stolen. But if you take some steps in advance to get the stolen mobile back, it will be much easier to find the mobile after it is stolen. Today I will talk about five such anti-theft apps that you must have installed on your phone. If you have one of these anti-theft apps installed on your phone, you can easily locate your important phone even after it is stolen. So without further ado let’s get started with today’s Tune Top 5 Anti Theft Software That You Must Use!

1. Hammer Securit – Hammer Security

You can get this app in Play Store for free. After installing the app and entering the app it will ask for some permissions. To use the app properly, permissions must be given. Now let’s talk about the main features. The first feature you will see in the app is the anti-theft feature. Clicking on the option will first ask you for some more permission access and then ask you for a recovery number that has an open WhatsApp account.

When the thief or someone else tries to unlock your mobile with the reverse password, the photo and location of the thief or that person will be sent to the WhatsApp account of your given recovery number in the form of a message. Moreover, there is another feature under this option which is fake shutdown. With this fake shutdown service on, when someone goes to turn off your phone, it will appear as if the phone is off, but your phone will still be on, which the thief won’t even notice. As a result, you can easily track your phone’s live location later.

Official page: Click Here

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2. Find My device – Find my device

Find My Device is a widely known and trusted software. One of the reasons for its credibility is that it is a Google software and you can get it for free on the Play Store. Download this app and open it and login with your personal Gmail account. That’s it. Like Hammer Security, this app doesn’t require much time or effort for configuration. However, this software also has no shortage of features to find lost devices.

Now when your phone is stolen or lost then follow the steps below:

  • Go to Google’s official website with any device you have.
  • Go there and search by typing ‘Find My Device’.
  • If mobile, download Find My Device app from Play Store and open it.

Then log in with the personal Gmail account you used to sign in to the Find My Device app on your phone.
Then you will see the location of your lost mobile on the screen.
Now it may be that your phone location is showing in a noisy or crowded area how do you know where or who has your mobile? Follow the steps below if you encounter this problem.

In addition to showing the location of your phone in Find My Device software, there will be one more option that is ‘Ring’ option. Now select ‘Ring’ option. Now even if your mobile is on silent, it will ring at full volume. And until you find the phone and press its power button, the phone will keep ringing. This time follow the sound to find the phone. This way you can also find your lost tabs.

Official page: Click Here

3. Google Map – Google Maps

The Google Maps app can be a massive backup option for those who don’t want to install additional apps on their phone due to storage issues. Specifically speaking, all smartphones, new or old, have Google Maps pre-installed. In that case there is no need to download this app separately but if someone has uninstalled this app there is no problem because this app is also available for free on play store. As a result, you can install from Play Store for easy recovery.

Now let’s come to the real point, to show your current location on Google Maps, press on the blue indication circle mark and some options will appear on the screen. That much we all know more or less. But here is the real twist, from the options shown on the screen, if you click on the “Share My Location” option, two types of options are shown on the screen. Something like “Until I Turn It Off” will be written.

If you select this option and send the location to your secondary mail or to another family member’s mail or to a close friend’s mail, when your phone is lost or stolen, if you enter the mail to which you sent the location in the Google map of the phone that is logged in, your phone The last active location will show. But some problem in this case is that you can see the live location of the device as long as your phone is powered on. Once the lost device is powered off, you will no longer be able to see its live location.

Official page: Click Here

4. Volume Key Power Off – Volume key power off

Although this software is not available on play store, many such apps are available on play store, but work is almost close. Basically when we turn off the phone we just hold down the power button but if this app is installed then just holding down the power button will not turn off the phone but pressing and holding the volume up button along with the power button will show the power off option, if this app is installed Thieves will not be able to turn off your mobile no matter how hard they try.

As the app is not published in play store, I could not share the install link of the app with you. You can download and install this app from any third party website. The app works pretty well for finding lost phones. Because if the thief is not very experienced then he will not understand how to turn off this phone. And if he can’t turn off your phone then you can easily find out the live location of your phone.

Official page: Click Here

5. Phone Tracker For Iphone – Phone tracker for iPhone

There is no need to say anything new about the security system of iPhone i.e. iOS. There are many steps that can be taken to trace a stolen iPhone and with the help of the iPhone’s security system, the iPhone can be blocked forever, but there are few apps like this to track the iPhone at home. By installing this app on the phone of someone you know, you can easily find the location of your iPhone with all the necessary information. Moreover, this software finds out the location of an iPhone using GPS, so it can work very well.

Only iPhone users can use this. Android users cannot use this app. Since I discussed many Android apps in today’s tune, I thought why iPhone users will be deprived of today’s tune. So I shared a wonderful app for them. Hopefully you too can find your lost iPhone easily with this app.

Official page: Click Here

last word

Apps number 1 to 3 above or apps require internet to use. So if you keep the internet on while going out, there is a chance to survive the danger. In addition, the location will also need to be turned on. Many may have a question in their mind, will the thief steal the phone and give it a format or factory reset. In fact, after stealing the phone, the thief does not reset it immediately, rather he keeps the mobile switched off and after realizing the time, turns it on and resets it.

In this case, if the Hammer Security app is set up, even if the thief switches off your phone, the mobile is not switched off. In this case, you can use other apps to find your phone very easily.

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