8 Best Programming Languages to Learn SEO

Nowadays you can learn many types of programming languages. But if you want to learn programming language specifically for SEO then some programming language can be suggested for you. Which programming language to learn for SEO depends on what kind of work you want to do.

When SEO professionals create a program for SEO they do it for a few purposes such as,

  • Want to make their job easier
  • By adding automation systems, it wants to speed up work
  • They want something noteworthy to add to their CV
  • Wants to make sure to work well with the engineering team
  • The last reason is quite important because for those who have no knowledge of coding, it becomes difficult to find coding issues like W3C Validation.

However, there is a debate in the SEO world that one has to be a programmer to learn SEO? Or need to know programming language? The simple and straightforward answer is no. You don’t need to know any programming language to learn SEO. What matters in the SEO field is how well you rank for targeted keywords in a quick period of time. The important things in SEO are, Link, Content, Keyword Optimization, etc. Coding comes into play when you want to improve user experience.

When you learn a programming language in the field of SEO, it will make your work much easier as you will stay ahead of the competition. You will get many benefits from this skill besides finding problems quickly.

In today’s tune, we will learn why SEO professionals should learn programming languages ​​and which 8 programming languages ​​they need to learn right now.

Why should SEO professionals learn programming languages?
Although learning a programming language is not essential for SEO, it can provide many advantages to an SEO professional. Let’s take a look at the benefits of learning a programming language in SEO.

Fosters good relationships with web developers

SEO experts mainly work with web developers. When you understand web site coding, it will be easier for you to know when things are changing, or should be changed. By working with the developer team you can better identify your problem.

You can tell them your recommendations. Moreover, as an SEO professional you have to do a lot of technical investigation and problem solving work. When you understand the concept of language you can do these tasks easily.

You can easily find the problem and understand what to do to solve it. Sometimes it is very important for SEO professionals to learn a programming language to do some of these tasks.

Expense management becomes better

You can save a lot of money by learning programming. First, knowing how to program will put you ahead of other SEO professionals and secondly, you can solve your own problems. When you face a coding issue, you don’t have to pay someone else to fix it, you can solve it yourself.

Your data analysis skills will be enriched

It goes without saying that when you work with SEO, you have to work with a lot of data. And your success will depend on how well you can make correct decisions by looking at the data.

When you input data into a program it will give you results according to predefined commands. But if you have a good understanding of programming then from there you can get desired data results.

For example, if you have learned Python, then you can change the rows and columns as you want and get your own results. You can get the required graph and make a decision from there.

Knowledge about SEO will increase

Programming is learned at a very young age these days. It is also seen that children are made proficient in this subject by having schools in different countries. It doesn’t matter when you should have learned and when you didn’t, you can start learning now if you want.

It will help you generate better data insights with automated AI based solutions. You don’t need to go to school for years to learn programming. You can learn a lot from the basics.

Best Programming Language for SEO

In the programming world, it is quite difficult to decide which language you should learn from C to C#. What you learn and what works best for you will depend on what you want to use it for.

Another advantage of learning programming is that as soon as you enter a web page or document, you can understand how its Object model is rendered. You will also understand how search engine crawlers think.

Let’s know some benefits of learning HTML, CSS, along with programming.


A lot of people are confused about whether HTML or CSS is a programming language. No, they are not actually a programming language, HTML/CSS is called a markup language. There are also many differences between programming languages ​​and markup languages.

Markup Languages

The function of markup language is to design layout, render, display page elements in web browser. The web browser interprets the markup language and displays the final output, which humans see.

Programming language

Programming languages, on the other hand, are more complex. There is a language that is interpreted by a machine, as machine code. But they cannot do anything on their own. These codes are first packed with instructions and then unpacked on the machine, which we call installing.

After that, the code is run on the machine, which later provides a user-friendly graphical interface and allows certain tasks to be performed. Moreover, programming languages ​​have many complex logic structures that are used to create everything from financial apps to video games.

Simply put, mark-up language is used to display and present information, while programming language provides specific information to the computer with which the computer can fulfill specific tasks.

Now let’s discuss the 8 best programming languages,

1. Python

When you work with data and improve overall data analysis, you will be better off learning Python. This will make your over data analysis easier and through it you can do many things related to data analysis.

Python has many pre-built libraries that can greatly help you in data analysis.

It differs from other programming languages ​​like R in that it has a rich library that allows you to perform different tasks. For example, you can compile data from multiple sources into one presentable file with Python.

Again you can use Python to develop a GUI application that will help you bring many articles into one article.

2. JavaScript

Javascript is most commonly used in website development. By learning this you can add great features to your website. Javascript helps make your website dynamic. Various features and functionalities of the website are provided with JavaScript. It is also used in client side script communication.

Javascript is also used in various SEO tasks like creating headless themes, form data processing, user experience improvement. These tasks can be done through Javascript without the need for any complex compilers or plug-ins.

It supports different programming styles simultaneously. For example, support for both Object-Oriented Programming and Functional Programming is available here.

Another reason to have an understanding of Javascript is to ensure that developers are using Javascript correctly. Sometimes wrong Javascript implementation can have a negative impact on SEO. It is also possible that Google has difficulty understanding the wrong Javascript implementation in the image show.

Moreover, in WordPress you use different plug-ins for different tasks, sometimes they can create rendering issues on your pages. Basically you should learn javascript to know what is causing this problem.

3. PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor

Another name for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor Programming Language. It is basically a server side programming language. which is designed for web development. But it can also be used for general programming tasks. Websites like WordPress, Facebook, Digg, but PHP is working in the back-end. Most SEO professionals work on platforms like WordPress, not only WordPress but also various platforms built with PHP.

However, PHP does not have much effect on HTML, CSS code rendering. If you want to take your SEO profession to another level then focus more on HTML, CSS coding than PHP.

4. To (Grow)

Golang is a programming language from Google. It is high performance programming language. It is not an interpreted language like Python, which makes it much faster than Python. It can utilize multiple CPU threads without any extra work.

If you are interested in learning programming, this language can be great to learn from scratch and experiment with.

5. C

C programming language has many variations like C, C+, C#. C is a machine programming language used to create automated programs. With this, various automation software can be easily created for SEO professionals.

Although it was published almost 40 years ago, it is still one of the most popular programming languages. It was discovered in 1972 and published in 1978. Many experienced programmers call it the best programming language because other programming languages ​​are based on the concept of C.

Another advantage is its security system. Since few people use it, there is less chance of cyber attack.

6. C+

C+ is basically considered an extension of C. It was developed in Denmark, by Bjarne Stroustrup. C+ was originally developed to increase the speed and efficiency of object oriented programming.

7. C#

C# is developed by Microsoft. C is an extension of this programming language based on the .NET Framework. Byte code is used here instead of machine code in the compiling process.

The difference here is that this code is executed in a virtual machine and it is translated into machine readable code at the same time.

C# is mostly used as commercial software in enterprise applications. It is mostly used for client and server development using the .NET framework.

8. R

R is a programming language for statistical and data analysis. This programming language is used for tasks like SEO and prediction analysis.

It is a free programming language, available in the Free Software Environment. It is mainly used in predictive analytics applications as it is specially designed for statistical and data analysis tasks.

Apart from being used in SEO, this programming language is useful in many other professions including data mining, statistics. It is used in developing data analysis and statistical software. Machine learning analytics also has its uses.

Numerous data structures can be processed with R, such as Vector, List, and Array.

Another advantage is that it is an open source programming language. In which quality you will get its library and code material online for free along with community support. And getting community support of any programming language means getting solutions to various problems easily.

How can you use R in SEO? In SEO you can create data driven programs with R that will crawl websites and give you data. You can use R to collect data from massive account websites.

What can you create using these languages?

You can create an application using these languages, which will compile all your SEO data and display its output to make necessary decisions. Moreover you can also create scraping applications. You can create apps like link analysis.

last wordAs an SEO professional, you can do a lot by learning a programming language. You can take your career to the next level. There is no substitute for learning a programming language to speed up work through automation as well as communication with developers.

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